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Bob' Automotive Machine has been providing quality machine work, modifications, and components to racers for over 55  years.  Our shop is fully equipped with the finest in automotive machine tools and the experience needed to get the best from them.  We've built our business not only on quality but on honesty as well.  We do what we say we'll do and deliver it when promised.   We won't sell you bells and whistles, only what you need to get you where you want to go.


And why you should consider giving us yours


To illustrate why we believe we're competitive with anyone we' d like to discuss performance block sleeving as an example.  We know for a fact you can shop around and find a wide range of prices for the 'same' job.



 BEWARE!  What you expect is often NOT what you get.


Many shops will quote you a lowball price to sleeve your block, when you pick it up you'll find that's all you get, a sleeved block that's not remotely close to useable.  When we quote you a price it's for a block with sleeves installed the most secure way, in a stepped bore making it impossible for the sleeve to 'sink' in the block.  In addition to having been ultrasonically cleaned, your block will have been line-honed to eliminate any distortion due to sleeve installation, step decked (the sleeves sit 'proud' of the block surface), and the sleeves bored and finish honed.  In short your block is ready for assembly.


Shop around, there IS a difference!


When you need it On-Size, On-Time, On-the-Level